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Children’s art represents children’s mind.

Children Creativity Development Course (CCDC)

Children’s art represents the children’s mind and it reflects what they know about the world. Art is used as a tool for children to express their emotions, feelings and experiences in their daily lives. We strongly believe that a child’s artwork should be judged based on the expression of sincerity from a child’s heart. Our CCDC is specially designed to promote the children’s artistry and psychological-development and also to help the children in the developments of creativity and thinking skills through fun art activities as mentioned below:

Fun Activities to Inspire Creativity:

Educational Game

Observation of Objects


Study of Artist(s) & Artwork(s)

Video Presentation

Handicraft Session


Auditory Learning Session

Children Graphic Course (CGC)

The Children’s Graphic Course emphasizes on drawing & design skills by using different types of art materials. The artwork to be produced will be based on cartoon and comic style. CGC is highly recommended for children aged 8-12 years and they will get to learn more than 60 types of art skills and effects through various drawing materials.

Enroll for CGC to learn the following interesting Art Skills & Mixed Media Effects:


Wash-Off Effect

Gesso Art


Marble Art

Milk Art

Bubble Print  Art

Clear Glue Effect

Water Flowing Effect

Scratching Effect


MY Art Studio & MY Craft Studio, the international art & craft education leader, “We inspire & empower children’s creativity through originality & aesthetic of art concept.” A programmes that prioritise freedom of artistic expression and choice.

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